Fruit basket with banana hook
Fruit basket with banana hook
Fruit basket with banana hook
Fruit basket with banana hook

Fruit basket with banana hook

Model NO. LF020

Item Dimensions:                     33*33*38cm
Item Weight:                             636g
Color:                                        Black
Delivery:                                      EXW, FOB
MOQ:                                           1000PCS
Supply Ability:                            10000pcs / Month
Country of Origin:                       Ningbo, CN
Lead Time:                                  35-45 working days

Categories: Living Room Series
Item Dimensions:33*33*38cm
Item Weight:636g
Delivery:   EXW, FOB
Supply Ability: 10000pcs / Month
Country of Origin: Ningbo, CN
Lead Time:35-45 working days

The open design lets fruits and vegetables to ripen evenly while the attached banana hook keeps bananas from bruising. Hanging bananas encourages even airflow around the fruit, prolonging their shelf life. Hang the bananas to increase their usable life. Help bananas ripen evenly and prevent bruising by keeping the fruit off countertops. This all-in-one fruit bowl will serve as a great focal point on your kitchen counter or tabletop. Keep produce nearby by displaying it on the counter. Encourage your family to choose a healthy snack by leaving out apples, oranges, pears, or bananas. Keep produce in beautiful food storage for healthier eating. Basket is perfect for all your produce: apples, pears, lemons, limes, grapefruit, kiwis, bananas, and other fruits in convenient countertop food storage. Alternatively, use your fruit basket for vegetables. The durable metal center arm and hook do not bend under the weight of banana bunches. Holds a variety of bunch sizes to accommodate all banana-buying habits. Tall arm holds long bananas, and sturdy hook supports large bunches. Celebrate form, function, and style with one uniform look. The modern lines paired with classic finishes create a traditional appearance with a slight modern flair. Designed to coordinate with a variety of fixtures. Designed to coordinate with any decor.

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